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Core Widgets

Dashboard widgets are the building blocks of your dashboard. Wire them together however you like to build out your custom data visualisations and user interfaces.

The following widgets are packaged with Node-RED Dashboard 2.0:


Form & Controls

Data Visualisation

Events & Control

Collection of widgets that do not render content into the Dashboard, but instead allow communication to/from the Dashboard to monitor activity and control Dashboard state.

Third-Party Widgets

In addition to the core widgets, we have the architecture to support third-party widgets. If you're interested in developing some yourself, you can check out out Third Party Widgets Contributing Guide.

Here is a list of the third-party widgets we're aware of to make it easier to find what you might be after. These widgets are created by us and the community and can be installed via the Node-RED Palette Manager.

  • @sumit_shinde_84/ui-webcam: Enables users to integrate webcam functionality into Node-RED Dashboard 2.0, allowing users to capture images and stream video through different cameras.
  • @flowfuse/ui-iframe: Embed an external webpage into your Dashboard using an iframe.
  • @flowfuse/ui-led: Adds an LED status indicator to your Dashboard.


The following are a list of nodes that we've been made aware of, are in active development, but have not yet been published to the Node-RED Palette Manager.

  • @bartbutenaers/ui-svg: Adds an SVG widget to your Dashboard, with dynamic controls over plotting and styling.