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Notification ui-notification Added In: v0.5.0

Known in Dashboard 1.0 as a "Toast", this widget displays text/HTML in a small window that will appear on the screen for a defined duration of time (timeout) and at a defined location on the screen (position).

If you want to have the notification show indefinitely, you can set timeout to 0. It will not be possible to close the notification manually unless you also set allowDismiss to true.


UIUnlike most widgets, notifications are owned by a "UI", not Group. This allows for notifications to be displayed across all pages.
PositionThe position on the screen whethere the notification will appear.
TimeoutNumber of seconds before the notification will automatically close.
Show Countdown BarWhether or not to show a reducing progfress bar to indicate the time remaining before the notification will close.
Allow Manual DismissalWhether or not to show a button that will allow the user to dismiss the notification. Otherwise, will only close after Timeout.
Button LabelIf "Allow Manual Dismissal" is enabled, this is the label for the button.
Accept RawWhether you're passing in raw HTML that should be processed client-side.
ClassAppends CSS classes to the widget


Example of rendered NotificationExample of rendered Notification in a Dashboard with a progress bar showing how long left until it will automatically close.

This notification was created using a msg.payload of:

<h3>Generated Notification</h3><p>This is custom HTML injected into <b>Node-RED</b></p>