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Button ui-button

Adds a clickable button to your dashboard.


GroupDefines which group of the UI Dashboard this widget will render in.
SizeControls the width of the button with respect to the parent group. Maximum value is the width of the group.
IconRenders a Material Design icon within the button. There is no need to include the "mdi-" prefix.
Icon PositionIf "Icon" is defined, this property controls which side of the "Label" the icon will render on.
LabelThe text shown within the button. If not provided, then the button will only render the icon.
Emulate Button ClickIf enabled, any received message will trigger a button click, emitting the relevant payload and topic.

Dynamic Properties

Dynamic properties are those that can be overriden at runtime by sending a particular msg to the node.

Where appropriate, the underlying values set within Node-RED will be overriden by the values set in the received messages.



enabledtrue | falseAllow control over whether or not the button is clickable.


Example of a ButtonExample of a rendered button in a Dashboard.