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Event ui-event Added In: v0.9.0

This widget doesn't render any content into your Dashboard. Instead, it listens for user-driven behaviour and events in your Dashboard and emits accordingly into the Node-RED Editor when those events have taken place.

Events List

Currently, we support the following events:

$pageview{ page, query }Sent whenever a user views a given page on the Dashboard. Details the Dashboard-defined Page and any query parameters found in the URL.
$pageleave{ page }Sent whenever a user leaves a given page on the Dashboard

Example: Page View ($pageview)

Each time a user views a page, the ui-event node will emit:

msg = {
    topic: '$pageview',
    payload: {
        page: {
            name: 'Page Name',
            path: '/page/path'
            id: '1234',
            theme: 'dark',
            layout: 'default',
            _groups: []
        query: {
            key: 'value'
    _client: {
        socketId: '1234',

Custom Events

In your own ui-template nodes, you can emit custom events that will get captured by any ui-event node calling the embeded $socket operator directly.

The $socket.emit function takes in 3 arguments:

  • The event name, in this case, ui-event
  • The id of the ui-event node you want to emit this to. You can also use all to emit to all ui-event nodes.
  • The full msg you want to send.

So in the case where we want to send to a specific ui-event node:

<v-btn @click="$socket.emit('ui-event', 'ui-event-node-id', msg)">Send Custom Event</v-btn>

Or, in the case where we brodcast to all ui-event nodes:

<v-btn @click="$socket.emit('ui-event', 'all', msg)">Send Custom Event</v-btn>