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Form ui-form

Adds a form to user interface which helps to collect multiple value from the user on submit button click as an object in msg.payload.


GroupDefines which group of the UI Dashboard this widget will render in.
SizeControls the width of the button with respect to the parent group. Maximum value is the width of the group.
LabelA label shown before the form rows.
Form ElementsA list of the rows presented in the form. Each row has the following properties:
  • Label: A label shown in the form row.
  • Name: The name of the form element, which will be used as the key in the msg.payload object.
  • Type: The type of input to display. Options - text | multiline | password | email | number | checkbox | switch | date | time
  • Required: Whether the form element is required to be filled in before the form can be submitted.
ButtonsThe text shown on each of the form's buttons. If "cancel" text is left empty, then no cancel button will be shown.
Two ColumnsWill render the form as a two-column layout.
Reset on SubmitIf checked, the form will be reset to an empty state after the form is submitted.
TopicDefines how to compute the topic, included in the `msg` object, when the form is submitted.

Dynamic Properties

Dynamic properties are those that can be overriden at runtime by sending a particular msg to the node.

Where appropriate, the underlying values set within Node-RED will be overriden by the values set in the received messages.



Example of a FormExample of a rendered form in a Dashboard.