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Dynamic Properties ‚Äč

Node-RED offers functionality to set properties of a node at runtime. This can be useful to generate dynamic functionality and behaviour, and in Node-RED Dashboard 2.0, this is possible on any field supported with the "fx" icon.

You can hover over the tooltip/icon to get details on how to set that particular property.

Dynamic Property Option on "Class" for a UI SwitchDynamic Property Option on "Class" for the UI Switch node

Details of the Dynamic Properties are also found within the in-Editor help for each Dashboard node.

If we consider an example with a ui-button, you can send the following msg to the button itself:

    "class": "my-class"

Please note that for class updates, the class is appended the widget's container, so this means that your class' style definitions may need to take that into account. If you want to affect the background-color of a button for example:

.my-class button.v-btn {
    background-color: red;

Will do the trick. Notice that we sometimes have to over-define the CSS selector to ensure that the style is applied correctly, overriding any underlying Vuetify/built-in stylesheets.