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Config: UI Page ui-page

Each page will be rendered in a navigation drawer within the UI, and can be accessed via the navigation bar at the top of the page. See Layouts for more information on how layouts work.


UIThe UI (ui-base) that this page will be added to.
PathExtending the parent UI path, defines where this page renders
IconWhich Material Designs Icon to use for the page. No need to include the mdi- prefix.
ThemeWhich Dashboard 2.0 theme to use for this page. You can customise your own too.
LayoutWhich Layout Manager to render the widgets with
Default State
  • Visibility - Defines the default visibility of this page in hte side navigation menu.
  • Interactivity - Controls whether the item is disabled/enabled in the side navigation menu.

Both of these can be overridden by the user at runtime using a ui-control node.