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Config: UI Group ui-group

Each group is rendered within a ui-page as part of a Layout. Each layout will differ in how those groups are rendered, but fundamentally, a group is a collection of widgets, and generally has a label to categorise the contents of a single group.


NameDescrptive name for this group, will show in the Node-RED Editor and as a label in the Dashboard.
PageThe Page (ui-page) that this group will render on.
SizeThe width and height of the group. Height will always be reinforced by this value, the height is generally a minimum height, and will extend to dfit it's content.
ClassAny custom CSS classes you wish to add to the Group.
Default State
  • Visibility - Defines the default visibility of this group.
  • Interactivity - Controls whether the group and it's contents are disabled/enabled when the page is loaded.

Both of these can be overridden by the user at runtime using a ui-control node.