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Layout: Fixed ‚Äč

Note: This layout still needs work to make it more flexible and practical, it is advised to use another layout for now.

Each "unit" is a fixed width, which was the only layout available in Dashboard 1.0.

It is built as a flexbox layout, with a single row of widgets. Width of each group is a fixed pixel size, calculated as the "width" property of a group, multiplied by 90px (where our default row height is 45px).

The groups themselves follow the same pattern as all other layouts whereby a group of width "6" would have 6 "columns", with the widgets sizing accordingly, soa widget of size "3 x 1" would be 50% of the group's width.

It will automatically move widgets to the next row if they don't fit within a given screen width, and does not change size with the screen size, which often leaves a lot of empty screen real estate. The height of each row is determined by the tallest widget in that row.

Fixed LayoutAn example UI rendered using the "Fixed" Layout